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5 Photo Editing Considerations for Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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It is a known fact in real estate business that sharing images of great quality helps to sell properties easily. However, conveying false or deceptive information in the images can lead to serious troubles too. This is why clients might have many questions on their mind while looking to seek help from real estate photo editing services to edit and beautify property images.

Almost all the things in the image of a real estate property can be classified into two groups – permanent and non-permanent fixtures. Permanent fixtures in the image should be retained, unless a written consent about the physical removal of the same is obtained. Non-permanent fixtures, on the other hand, can be removed to make the image attractive.

Below are a few guidelines on permanent and non-permanent fixtures that everyone editing real estate photos should follow.

Editing Grass

The grass in the original image might look dull and unattractive, and it is okay to retouch it. However, if there is a big dirt patch in the grass, it should not be retouched unless your client assures to re-turf it soon. You can retouch the grass by improving the color and make it greener.

Filling Swimming Pools

It is okay to remove leaves and dirt from water in swimming pools or to fill pools with clean water. Many real estate photo editing services also clean the surrounding area of pools, which is also acceptable. However, it is important to have an idea about how the property will look best before retouching the image.

Removing Power Lines and Washing Lines

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Power lines are permanent fixtures and cannot be removed from real estate images. However, protectors that are placed around the lines while lopping trees can be removed from the images, as they are temporary fixtures. On the other hand, washing lines in real estate images can be removed to highlight the property.

Removing or Adding Furniture

Real estate photo editing services offer visual staging to increase the appeal of rooms. They can also help to remove the clutter in real estate images. Both removing and adding furniture is permissible while editing real estate photos and you can seek help of professionals for the same.

Removing General Dirt

Retouching services can help remove general dirt on walls, windows, and floors in the property images. They can also help to remove the clutter from the rooms. However, it will be a good idea to clean and style the property before taking the pictures. In addition, ensure that personal items are not captured in the images.