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5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Look Out for

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Real Estate Photography Mistakes

Photography is really crucial in the real estate field nowadays. Potential buyers decide to visit the plot by seeing the images, and hence, the image must be really tempting. So, you cannot take any chance to go wrong with real estate photographs. Below are some photography mistakes that you must look out for.

Take Care of your Verticals

Use the digital level of your photograph or the bubble level in order to keep your verticals straight up and down. Further, use the Auto button in the post-processing method to rule out the chances of any mistakes. Still, you cannot depend on this method all the time; so, adjust the vertical slider to straight up and down the lines properly.


To avoid a bad HDR, it is better to use Lightroom for editing real estate photos. In some cases, the saturation slider is set to 11, which results in the burnt and churns images. It is not necessary to shoot with an HDR camera to get a clean and crisp image; you can play with the settings and make an equivalent image. Further, the preset settings also can help you in some rare cases.

Nuclear Sky Replacements

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A sky replacement is very crucial in real estate photography, especially while taking twilight images. Some people prefer a clean and blue sky whereas some people prefer to fancify them a bit. However, it is better not to use an over dramatic effect while doing the sky replacement, as it looks unreal. Further, this will also draw away the attention of the customers from the house.

Do Not Overuse your Gears

It is a misconception that if you use many gears to shoot an image, you will get the perfect one. On top of that, everybody loves to use and show off their photographic gears all the time. There are many gears available in the market like drone camera, many lenses, video rigs, etc., but it is not necessary that you will get the best images using these gears. In fact, it is your photographic skills that count.

Elevate your Exteriors

It is always good to elevate your exteriors a bit to take your photos to the next level; yet you do not have to use a special gear for this as well. You can boost up the images using many ways like extending the tripod legs for a wider angle or use a painter’s pole to hoist your camera up in the air. Take care not to go too high with your camera; else, the focus of people will be drawn to the roof rather than the house.