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Adjusting Lighting with HDR and AEB

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A lot goes into the making of a good real estate photograph. You need to get everything right – the camera, the settings, the flashes, the lenses, and the reflectors. All these things are par for the course when you have a property to sell, and sell fast. Below are some real estate photo enhancement tips to get the lighting right in any photo.


With flash photography, you can go one of two ways: excellent or terrible. To get photos of the former kind, you will need to invest a lot of time in shooting and editing. Turnaround times tend to be frequently high. The alternative to this is simple. You can do a lot with just the camera settings and not bother much with the flashes. A setting called AEB takes care of most of the defects this would cause.

AEB stands for Auto Exposure Bracketing, where three or more photos can be taken all at once, and under different exposures. This would give you a dark photo that can be seen through the windows, a neutral photo, which catches the natural light in the room, and a bright photo that lightens any shadows or dark areas.


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Editing is where most of the magic happens. After you have all three photos in hand, these can be combined into a single picture. This is called the HDR photo, where HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The dark photo out of the three is used for the windows, while the neutral photo is utilized for most of the room. The bright photo is used for the dark parts. HDR photos can be taken from most new phones as well, removing the need for editing.

Sky Replacement

Cloudy skies can cast a pall over the photos and make you wish for something sunnier. For interior photos, a cloudy setting that shows through the windows or sliding doors can work in favor, by evening out the light. It is in the exterior photos that you may need a few additional brightening touches to dispel the cloudy appearance, and that can be done fairly easily with the help of Photoshop or other editing tools, or even real estate image editing services.

Whatever changes you choose to make to your real estate photos, make sure that they are clear and bright enough to warrant the attention of a potential buyer. This is the main reason for real estate photography.