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An Alternative to HDR Photography and Real Estate Image Blending

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A real estate website gallery should have HDR photographs of interiors and property premises to present the essence of a listed home clearly to a prospective buyer. In order to make the photos dynamic and clear, websites upload photos with a higher dynamic range. HDR photography may prove to be a costly and challenging process, especially lighting.

Real estate photo enhancement services provide HDR blending or compositing two or more photos captured at different exposures. Photo editors achieve wider dynamic range on a composite image using layer masks in Photoshop. Think of a realty scene with better contrast ratio between light and dark portions of the image.

In order to composite the HDR photo two or more photos have to be captured with varying exposure and the same goes true for low dynamic images. Real estate image blending gives the photos a custom look. Everything in an HDR image gets clear to view from the skyline to the interior.

Real estate image blending is the best way to composite photos in order to bring out adequate shadows and highlights, which may be hard to capture in wide-angle photography. Bright highlights and dark shadows will not be ideal for a digital photo, but editing can adjust the contrast ratio and make photos look dynamic.

In order to enhance the quality of a real estate photo, consider outsourcing HDR image blending. Real estate photo enhancement services provide everything from sky replacement, to white balance correction or color cast removal in HDR stitching.

Real Estate Image Blending
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HDR photographs play an important role in each and every vertical including real estate. As a majority of the buyers search for listed homes online, real estate websites present buyers with high-resolution photographs. As of now, HDR presents the topmost quality in real estate photography.

Yet again, another way to capture one or more photos in a low-dynamic range is exposure bracketing. Photo editors blend the low-resolution images to stitch together a final image by taking the ideal pixels from all photos. Image blending in digital has come a long way that people even use photography-inspired techniques such as exposure fusion to stitch photos.

The output in exposure fusion is still a composite low-resolution photo, which looks realistic with balanced tonalities of highlights and shadows. It is easy to capture bracketed photos, blend them and upload on the web.