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Tone Mapping And Luminosity Masking In Real Estate Image Blending

Real Estate Image Blending
Light Exposure Problems

High Dynamic Range images have a panoramic view, and editors indulged in real estate image blending can merge together two HDR photos into one seamlessly. Just like image blending, luminosity masking is associated with dynamic range and the histograms of Photoshop, which represent the image tones.

Usually, the RGB histogram is preferred over luminance histogram by editors indulged in real estate photo retouching due to the ease of the former. RGB histogram helps the image editors find out the light exposure problems. Luminance histogram, on the other hand, tweak color saturation and light exposures but editors will choose accordingly.

In fact, the choice of HDR image blending over luminosity masking depends on dynamic range. Editors often tone map to blend exposure and then retouch the image with luminosity masks. Merging the exposures into a 32-bit TIFF file and subsequently tone mapping the image in RAW format will induce massive file size. Thus, editors will blend the same image into a 16-bit TIFF file in Photoshop to reduce the photo file size.

HDR photos are easy to blend and some exposure tweaks will achieve a balanced outlook. However, HDR photos tend to induce exposures that need tone mapping, especially the image noise and halos. If you have seen landscaped photographs, noise and halos may exist on the dynamic range like the edge wherein a mountain and sunset meet.

Real Estate Image Blending
Blending Image Exposures

To capture the full range of color and tones in a dynamic range, luminosity masks are a go-to technique for editors indulged in real estate image blending. However, in some HDR photos, tone mapping is employed on select image portions to clear grayscale issues, color cast, oversaturation or under saturation, dodge and burn, or to sharpen the dynamic range.

With the judicious use of histograms, editors tweak the dynamic range of real estate photos to create a beautiful outlook. However, luminance histograms are not as challenging for the editor, as tone mapping though it will do the job based on the dynamic range of the image.

Editors will tone map when the dynamic range of the HDR image varies considerably in small portions of the image, as is the case in cityscape photos. Real estate image blending editors find the histograms easier than manually blending image exposures with luminosity masks if the dynamic range varies considerably in small portions of the image.

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