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Dos And Don’ts In Real Estate Photo Retouching

Real Estate Photo Retouching
Retouching Lawn Grass

Real estate property listings and real estate photo retouching techniques influence audience perception to an extent in real estate segment. Since property photos constitute a realtor’s web gallery, edited photos should be represented in a certain way by retaining or removing portions on a given photograph. An editor retains select portions of the property photograph and ensures that the permanent fixtures remain untouched. As the photographs of a property should represent its true condition, hence the editors retouch only finer details. Below are four dos and don’ts, which real estate photo editors follow if there are permanent fixtures in the property photograph.

Retouching Lawn Grass

If the photograph was taken some time ago and the retouching is done days afterward, the editor goes into the minute details such as grassy lawns to give the image a fresher look. If the grass in the lawn is full of dirt during post processing, and green before, editors can retouch the grass to bring forth its natural colors. If the grass condition changes after photography, retouching may alter the true representation of the physical property as well, so editors retouch after due consultation with realtors.

Retouching Electric Lines

Electric lines are permanent fixtures in real estate and may get snapped by drone cams when overhead pictures are taken. However, editing surrounding portions in the electric lines is quite possible as far as real estate photo retouching is concerned. The colored protectors placed around the electric lines cab retouched or removed as per the client request.

Swimming Pools

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Swimming pools may take the place of clear blue skies in stock photography and on real estate photographs. An editor has the utmost freedom to retouch the surrounding areas near swimming pools, as these usually exist in apartments. If leaves and dirt were fallen in the surrounding areas of the swimming pool at the time of photography, retouching would remove them to enhance the looks of the property.

Glass Reflections

A common fixture in real estate photos is that sometimes, accidental objects tend to reflect on glass surfaces. For instance, if a car were seen on the building’s glass façade, editors would have to remove the item unless the photographer captures the building and the cars combined.