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Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques That Complement Virtual Tours

Real Estate Photo Editing
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Digital mapping and virtual tours are taking giant leaps in photography, helping prospective buyers get a feel of the home, property, and the surroundings in real estate. In the recent past, there has been a growing popularity among realtors to use virtual video tours – the ones that combine videos with music, stills, effects, and text. What’s more, the visual appeal of a home can be virtually improved with virtual video tours, from one room to the other. Below are four techniques that editors use in real estate photo editing to complement or make virtual tours and give credence to property listing in real estate.

The Virtual Staging

Editors indulged in real estate photo editing simply take the photographs of empty homes and adds interior couches, televisions, carpets, lamps, furniture, and paraphernalia to virtually improve the homes’ curb appeal in virtual staging.

3D Floor Plan Conversion

Interactive 2D to 3D floor plan conversion lets sellers display illustrated maps in a real estate website, and allows prospect buyers to click on particular portions of the converted floor plan. This way, buyers could see their would-be homes in and out, and get an understanding of available space, color, and texture of the home in one glance.

Map Mash-Ups

Linking landmarks to edited photographs of schools and properties through Google Maps is another great way of boosting the sales. Industrial buyers show interests to buy communities just like tycoons show interests in buying an apartment. In real estate, innovations such as map mash-ups in real estate websites give information to prospective buyers about price, property listings, and other whereabouts through digital mapping.

HTML Panorama

Real Estate Photo Editing
3D Floor Plan Conversion

Professional editors tend to use stitched 360-degree panorama photos to make virtual tours. In fact, editors use more than one panoramic photograph in editing real estate photos to create virtual tours and with the aids of virtual tour software. Most virtual tour software creates HTML virtual tours by importing panorama photos into the software and that makes website publishing easy.

Do Your Properties A Favor

Realtors know how important website traction is in appealing prospective buyers. That is why most realtors take up the challenge of listing a property head on by way of technology adoption. In a somewhat challenging real estate space, the photos that retain viewership and give substantial information to new buyers are the ones with professional photo edits.