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Exploring the Basics of Image Blending

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The advent of digital image processing has enabled editors to blend the exposure of a real estate photo in many ways in Adobe Photoshop. The post-processing workflow using digital software is being done for creating one composite photo using stock photos taken with distinct exposure. The photos can be that of interior frameworks or architectural structures.

Compositing photos will overcome most of the limiting factors of outdoor photography that often frustrate photographers like straining for perfect dynamic range, depth of field, and perfect dimensions. Image blending allows compositing differing focal points in a way that it would give an output with enhanced DOF and better viewing angles like the 360-degree panorama. However, the core purpose of the image processing service is to composite two distinct exposures in order to enhance the dynamic range or the contrast between dark and light exposures.

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Blending also opens up a debate regarding what constitutes realism, especially in outdoor photography, as it is plausible to combine photos taken from distinct locations and intervals. As far as photographers are concerned, realism refers to how a photo looks eventually rather than the editing techniques that enhance curb appeal. With a given focus on expressing the artistic vision of the photographer, there is no argument over what is real and what is not in imagery to the photo enthusiasts and photojournalists.

However, there is an emphasis on retaining permanent fixtures of a property exactly as they are in real estate image blending. That is because it is important to convey the essence of the belongings in listed properties to prospect customers. When it comes to image blending, editors often use layer masks in Adobe Photoshop to blend multiple photos with the right exposure to light.

The starting step is opening the two photos in the software and cascading both of them on each side. For doing basic compositing, one exposure will be darker toned landscape photo and another which can be a brighter sky portion with good exposures. The editors then stack the photos using the Photoshop layers. Real estate image blending can be done by copying a darkly exposed photo and then pasting it over a light image portion based on the composition that photographers are after.