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Exposure Blending Method to Enhance your Real Estate Photograph

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Exposure Blending Method

Real estate photo enhancement is quite common nowadays. There are various real estate image editing services in the market for this purpose. The main reason to rely on them is to give a professional touch to the pictures of your property, so that they look tempting to the customers. Potential buyers verify your property on the basis of the photograph, at first. In other words, the photograph of your property is the primary deciding factor.

However, there are some simple editing techniques that you can try in Photoshop as well. Below is the tutorial for blending the exposures to take your photos to the next level.

Multiple Exposures

The first step is to shoot your property from multiple angles to get different exposures. It is better to use a tripod in this step. Try to include some catchy features like a sunset, the cloudy settings, some properties in front of the house, etc in the frame. Now reduce the exposure of the property to pop up the exposure of the sunset.

Now arrange all these images in some order. For instance; arrange from dark to light. Now add the mask to your images to remove the top three layers of exposure from your images effectively.

Paint It Out

Now take a brush with a soft edge and paint the black areas of the mask as white. Do this to different layers of the mask, which will help you to blend all the grey portions of the mask well. When you finish, try the same with a smaller brush for better results.


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Now, add detailing to your image by adding the layer with clouds and trees. Additionally, darken the street for some extra contrast. You can do this by adjusting the saturation or hue of the image. This technique will be time-consuming, but results are guaranteed.

To ease out the task, you can also try to blend the two layers using a single mask instead of multiple masks. In this case, you do not have to take photos in different exposures too. This method is also used to blend changes in a layer with the layers beneath it. Here, the manipulations will not affect the whole layer. This method is employed mainly in localized blurring or sharpening. For instance; you can use this method to change the contrast of the subject’s eye alone, in your portrait.

This exposure blending method will give a different oomph to your property image, which will force your customer to visit it.