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Geometric Correction of Real Estate Photos in Photoshop

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Cameras with wide-angle lens suffice to capture architectural structures with a visual appearance of a city in the backdrop at one-go. However, if you use such kind of lens in real estate photography, it is likely a distortion may occur on the photo. For instance, the cityscapes may turn out somewhat dotted with toppled structures and sleek lines of a building resembling an optical illusion to the naked eye.

This makes editing real estate photos a must in order to get the right geometry and convey the photo’s essence to an audience. Photoshop has perspective warp, a tool that enables editors to do this and capture the essence of the scene as photographers may have visualized. It enables to draw points over a grid in Photoshop and select portions on the building needing geometrical correction by dragging the point.

Photo editors ensure that the grid lines drawn and dragged are parallel with structural lines on the building when correcting distortions with the perspective warp tool in Photoshop. When a new point is drawn with it by clicking anywhere on the photo and dragging toward a corner while releasing the mouse where required, the points merge and the grid gets highlighted. This is done to straighten the distortion of an architectural photo in image warping.

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When it comes to enhancing abstract shapes on a skyline phone like a smoke portion, puppet warp tool is a better fit than perspective warp. While perspective crop tool makes an identical geometrical correction to perspective warp, it tends to crop off the edges of the photo and does not give the same kind of control that one seeks while editing real estate photos.

Perspective warp is an important tool, that enables an editor to draw feathered selections and do some amount of fine-tuning to an image. It can also be used to correct the geometric distortion on a landscape photo with a horizon backdrop above or below. By correcting the distortions caused due to a choice of lens in wide-angle photography, your real estate photos can afford to look likes like a tower that leans to one side and more like a real-life scene that takes one’s breath away.