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How Sky Replacement Enhances the Appearance of Real Estate Photographs

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Most images of real estate properties have stunning sky background in them that virtually highlights the foreground. Some of this may get captured out of sheer luck, as the photographer was at the right time when the clouds were scattered enough to let the blue of the skies occupy the frame. In other cases, the sky often appears as cloudy and unappealing for the rest of the image.

In such cases, specialized techniques are applied while editing real estate photos in order to enhance the sky and make it appealing. Having a rich and appealing sky background is highly essential for the images of real estate properties. It simply gives a sense of life to the image and highlights many of its key properties.

Besides, adding an attractive sky background makes the image worthy of attention, which is an important thing when using them in real estate portals for attracting clients and customers. The technique of replacing skies is a major part of real estate photo enhancement and thus used increasingly. The following are some ways by which sky replacement improves a real estate photos.

Adding Skies

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In real estate editing, adding skies is commonly done to replace the existing sky. Some of the real estate images have little room for the sky, which is unappealing. It is important to leave out sufficient space for the sky as it imparts a sense of aesthetic quality to the image. While editing real estate photos, the most of the image editing professionals use a range of adjustments in the image such as scaling out the size of the properties and applying replacement techniques to the sky.

Altering Sky Color

Another way in which real estate photo editing enhances the image is by altering the sky color. While editing real estate photos, changing the color of the skies can alter the overall mood of the image. Besides, it can be used to simulate different times during a day such as dusk or dawn to the image. For this purpose, various industry standard image editing software is used that can change the color of the sky to suit with the foreground elements of the image.

Including Objects

The process of sky replacement not only involves adding or manipulating the skylines, but adding various elements to it as well. Objects like birds, rainbows, clouds, etc., when added, can lend a natural look to the real estate image. These are added using conventional imaging software like Photoshop for enhancing the appeal and highlight the real estate property situated in the foreground of the image.