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How Sky Replacement Techniques Enhance Real Estate Property Images

Real Estate Property Images
Real Estate Property Images

Most of us have wondered how the photos taken of real estate properties look so good and appealing. Even though many are aware of the extensive editing and manipulations that the images are subjected to, most people still do not know about the specialized kind of image editing used specifically in the real estate industry.

Distinctive image editing techniques lend a unique look and appeal to the real estate properties. Sky replacement is one such technique that is extensively utilized by real estate photo editing services for altering a property image. The process selectively removes the entire sky and substitutes it with another well-balanced sky image that will highlight the appearance of the real estate property.

Sky replacement has various other benefits in the area of real estate image editing. Below is how sky replacement techniques enhance real estate property images.

Adding Skylines And Objects

Most of the real estate images have skylines that cannot be repaired using the available techniques of image editing. Moreover, a close-up view of the image can result in the skyline to become eliminated thereby affecting the beauty of the image. By the application of sky replacement, any of the limitations of the image can be corrected such as by replacing the entire sky elements and by carrying out various corrections like adjusting the size of the property. Moreover, sky replacement can also add numerous objects to the image such as flying birds, rainbows, clouds, etc., to offer a more natural look to the real estate photograph.

Correcting Skylines

Real Estate Property Images
Well-Balanced Sky Image

While taking a photograph of the properties, even the most modern cameras tend to downplay the key elements of the background, particularly the skyline. The result is images that have unappealing skylines, as it appears white with little details of the clouds or the colors of the sky. Using specialized imaging software, real estate image editing services minimize any of the effects of inappropriate skylines and apply certain techniques to resolve many of the key details of the sky such as clouds and color.

Altering Sky Color

Altering of the sky color is another important feature of sky replacement. This can literally transform the mood and appeal of a real estate image. Moreover, the changing of the sky colors can alter the time as well as the weather conditions prevalent in the image. This is done via several image correction tools that can change the color of the sky and provide it with a uniform tint. Sky color alterations enable real estate photo editing services to alter the moods and appeal of the property.