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How to Capture Time-Lapse Photographs for Real Estate

Editing Real Estate Photos
Time-Lapse Photographs

Making time-lapses is a good skill to have not only for photographers but also for videographers. It is an illusion that can be achieved when editing real estate photos captured at night ideally. Time-lapse photos come to life especially when editors merge multiple photos together into a living montage. Time-lapse photography includes choosing a subject, and shooting the same subject as per different intervals. It all begins with photography and ends with merging.

The benefit of living in a metropolis is that you have plenty of subjects to choose for creating the time-lapse effect. Think of a bustling road with light trials on the snap indicating elapsing time to the naked eye. The frames may seem slow but the photo would appear fast on a time-lapse photo.

In fact, shooting the road with short exposure would suggest that the vehicles are moving fast but they may not necessarily be at lighting speeds. Long exposure shots would indicate livewire movement, with a focus on the road ahead and not on the passing cars. It is a perspective road wherein time is materialistic yet the effect is a movement of time. If you choose to shoot manual mode, the cam would find an ideal exposure and the photos would have an alternative exposure not the continuum of a time-lapse.

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Just like shooting in manual model, automatic white balance setting can create distinct color contrast on each image you shoot. It is essential to capture in select intervals, and for that, you can make use of an intervalometer during time-lapse photography. Most modern cameras have inbuilt settings to adjust the intervals, but if your camera does not have the option, you can choose to buy the accessory.

Time-lapse photos are best captured at night using a tripod and in the RAW mode. RAW would give you more latitude and create the photo in good quality to JPEG format. For real estate architecture, travel photographers capture time-lapses especially for brochures and web gallery.

Shooting a time-lapse when in transit maybe a fad to you, but when working for clients you may want to outsource editing real estate photos to service provider for best illusion. The benefit of shooting time-lapse is that they can be merged together in post-processing workflow by stacking the images and applying frame rates later when editing real estate photos.