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How To Enhance Your Listing Photos

Real Estate Retouching
Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

Real estate listings should feature enhanced images that are capable of attracting the attention of the potential buyers. Making use of real estate photography editing techniques, these images can be enhanced and improved to make them eye catchy. Experts in real estate business claim that using enhanced images in their listings help to sell properties 50% faster. Some of the important real estate photography editing techniques are as follows.

White Balancing

White balancing is a technique that allows white objects to be rendered white in the images, so as the real estate property can be shown in the best light. The technique of white balancing can be used to remove off white or yellowed discolorations in images to offer bright, sharp, and beautiful images of real estate properties.

Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

A good real estate listing should feature great images and a great property image is all about composition. An image in which the horizon is wonky will look much unprofessional, whereas the presence of incorrect vertical lines will make the image distorted and even cause an illusion of the walls leaning backwards.

Lens Distortion Removal

While capturing the images of real estate properties, distortion can happen when the lens of the camera tries to include as much into the image as possible. Due to this, straight lines may look curved and distorted in the final image. Professional real estate photography editing can rectify the issue of lens distortion and ensure that the straight lines remain straight in the image.

Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

Real Estate Retouching
Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

A crisp image with the proper contrast can be much beautiful and will help you draw the attention of a potential buyer. Adjusting the contrast and brightness of images will offer depth to the image and will make the image inviting to the viewers, thereby attracting potential buyers.

Flash Shadow Removal

The flash shadows and reflections in the image can affect the quality of the image adversely. Image editing companies can remove the flash shadows easily to offer professional looking images of real estate properties.

Remove Photographer’s Reflection

None of the real estate businesses will wish to have the reflection of the photographer in the images provided in their real estate listings. No one will wish to know what the photographer look like or which camera was used to capture the image. So real estate photography editing businesses can help to remove the camera and photographer reflections and provide beautiful images.