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How to Enhance your Night Photos

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Taking pictures using your high definition cameras is the first step only; the real fun is in the post-processing and real estate photo enhancement techniques. In fact, you can make your beautiful images even more beautiful using various editing techniques.

The tricky part of photography lies in the sunny day shoots as well as the nighttime shoots. During nighttime, it is nearly impossible to get the perfect snap, even if you are using the best camera. Yet you can manage this problem with the use of various real estate photo editing apps. Below are some editing techniques to enhance your night photos.

Barrel Distortion and Perspective Correction

It is crucial to choose barrel distortion and perspective correction wisely in your night photos, as they can affect the photograph both positively and negatively. You can do this easily, effectively, and quickly using Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). In ACR, you have to change the exposure of the image, increase the distortion barrier to 12 and vertical barrier to 4 to correct the distortions in the image.

Blend it Well

You can test the creative side of you while blending the images. For instance, consider the picture of a road during nighttime, lined by huge buildings and city lights in the frame. Here, you need to keep the base exposure as such, and blend in the long exposure sky, a separate exposure for city lights, another exposure for buildings and roads, etc. This blending technique will take your photo to the next level. There are no certain rules for blending though, and you will have to follow your instincts in this case.

Desaturate the Images

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Desaturate The Images

Combining colors in an image is very critical, as it can be either a hit or a flop. So, while choosing the colors, make sure that they complement each other. You can also check on the internet for best color combinations, which plays well with other colors. Furthermore, you can desaturate your night photos by using standard hue or saturation layer, and finally by adding a blue color to give it a futuristic look.

Manual Vignetting

The auto vignetting in the modern cameras are unbeatable with their super speed and sharpness. Still, if you can give your shot some time, then manual vignetting is the king. In fact, auto vignetting will lose its effect as the light fades, while the manual focusing will produce consistently sharper images. This real estate photo enhancement technique is mainly used to edit the images of a fast-moving object near the property.

Create a Reflection

This is the best option for cityscape images with a flat surface beneath it. Further, the image must be shot in dark light, like early morning hours or during the night. Here, all you have to do is to apply the Gaussian blur of around 6 pixels to get the watery image in which you can see the reflection. Then increase the contrast, sharpen the image, and reduce the shadows.