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Maintaining Proper Composition in a Real Estate Image

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Maintaining Proper Composition

The way the interior or exterior portions of a real estate property is captured largely determines how much it is successful in persuading buyers. Various key elements of capturing a photograph, such as lighting, white balance, color etc. are important, but one cannot downplay the need for an accurate composition of the image. A perfectly composed shot does in no way interfere with other crucial elements of an image, but actually makes them better. It ensures that all the subjects within the field of vision are positioned in the right manner, with respect to the location of the camera.

The placement of the camera also determines the level of composition such as the angle and height. It can change the meaning of the entire image in accordance with the standard rules of photography. One of the most important things to ensure a good composition for a real estate image is to declutter the room or area before capturing. Mostly, a neat looking real estate image must not contain any clutter at all, but only the needed objects that can simulate the appearance of a home or office.

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Cleaning up the room and arranging the upholstery in a uniform manner can help with the composition a lot. The curtain blinds and covers need to be fixed up without the presence of any crevices or folds, so that the resultant image looks appealing. Composition relies largely on proper lighting, and without it an image can look rather unappealing. Real estate photographers aim at matching the overall lighting scheme with that of the composition used, so that the two match well.

Maintaining a balance in the lighting is crucial and the light should cover all the light and dark portions equally. The use of lighting, such as selectively altering the exposure levels in different portions of the image, can also be used for creative purposes. While composing, the focal point of the room or area must be used to position the camera. Using the rule of thirds is also crucial for composition in real estate photography, and this can be done by using the grid lines in the camera or by evaluating a thorough visual reference of the space.

Properly positioning the objects in the room based on the points of interest specified in the rule of thirds guidelines can help in getting the right composition. Photographing from various positions in the room can also help get the right composition that is most appealing to the eye. Moreover, many of the issues related to an improper composition can be easily cleared while editing real estate photos. Using cropping tools in the imaging software can help correct the composition for creating a proper and appealing image of a real estate property.