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New Trending Techniques in Drone Photography Editing

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Photographs often mimic how we look at something on canvas and rely greatly on the perfect rendering of the minute details. The composition of a photo can be set behind the camera’s lens, but that is not all possible always with drone cams.

Sometimes, capturing the perfectly framed photograph proves to be difficult in skyline photography, so drone photography poses its own sets of challenges for a beginning photographer. This is partly the reason why real estate photography editing services crop the HDR photographs to give it an ideal composition altogether.

When it comes to skyline photographs the editors offers two different compositional layouts to change the dynamics of the photo. For instance, the composition seen mostly in portraits would arrange the key objects on the photo in a triangular layout. They can be rendered in a manner that is pleasing to the naked eye via real estate photography editing.

Growing prominence in skyline photography is “Rule of Thirds,” which divides the photo’s composition such as in a tic-tac-toe board with 2 apiece lines intersecting the photo both vertically and horizontally. The intersecting lines are ideally where the key objects on the photo are put in order to render the photo in a way the attention of the viewers gets focused.

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Another one of those challenges in drone photography is the obtrusive objects in the backdrop of a skyline photograph like the drone’s shadow, flying birds, a vehicle, an electric line, or even a neighboring building. Yet through background removal service, the editors can remove all the obtrusive objects in the photo’s backdrop for better legibility.

In the case of old paintings, utilizing the aerial perspective is done by the painters to suggest the level of distance. Also known as atmospheric perspective, the painting technique is about adding blue haze just as the distance between the object on canvas and the viewer grows.

When it comes to skyline photography, as the atmosphere in between the cam and the object reflects on the captured photo, to expose the same effect with blue haze is not necessarily desirable for the photo. However, an easy way to clear the haze on the photo in real estate photography editing is to increase the contrast of the photo until the objects and the backdrop becomes clear to view.