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Real Estate Retouching To Remove Color Cast From An Outdoor Photo

Real Estate Retouching To Remove Color Cast From An Outdoor Photo
Remove Color Cast

Color cast removal is one of the real estate retouching services that are outsourced to professional editors, the other one being real estate image blending. Usually, a snap has a certain color cast which can be defined as a tint of a given color which adversely affect portions on a photograph. The tint of red and yellow color cast is normal, but in some cases, the blue color cast also appears in a snap hampering the actual color contrast of the photo.

Apart from that, poor lighting conditions or adverse weather during photography also leads to a white color imbalance in a property photograph, which is why they need professional real estate retouching to look attractive to the buyers. Below are three photo edits, which editors use to even out the color contrast in a real estate photo.

Grains Reduction

While taking a picture, grains may occur due to brightness variations or excess color contrast. This granularity on a real estate image would reduce the overall visual appeal of the image, and may even occur if amateur editors overestimate the values in shadows and highlights tool in Photoshop. Larger values may lead to a greater lightening of shadows or darkening of highlights on the image and hence professionals in real estate retouching use mid tones (0 to 25%) for best results.

Levels And Curves

Real Estate Retouching
Actual Color Contrast

Both levels and curves in Photoshop let editors adjust the black and white tonal range of an image. Lightening or darkening the tonal range with levels and curves would clear underexposed or overexposed color contrast from the image. These are two adjustment-layers in Photoshop, which clear color cast from the image with the help of eye droppers. With eye droppers, professional editors even out the color contrast in different portions of the image.

White Balancing

In real estate retouching, color cast is removed by uploading the JPEG image to Photoshop and with eye droppers. Image adjustment curves are used for this also. Retouchers click on the white dropper and then click anywhere in the photo that is meant to be white in color.

Some digital cameras have white balancing settings by default these days. For instance, photographers shoot an outdoor property image with the camera’s white balance set to “sun” or “cloudy” depending upon the weather conditions.