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Photographing Interiors of Real Estate Properties Having Windows

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Photographing the interiors of a residential or office space is often challenging because several factors come into play when doing so. The presence of windows is one major factor not due to their placement or other aesthetic features, but due to the light entering through them. This can result in a variation in the dynamic range that leads to the development of stark contrast in relation to the interiors of the home and outdoors. Improper capture of the image can cause the interiors to appear dim compared to the bright daylight from outdoors.

Such variations in exposure and dynamic range are one of the key areas of focus by real estate image editing services. They rely on advanced imaging software to carefully adjust the exposure across different portions of the image in order to obtain a uniform look. However, simply relying on editing to correct this features is not the right way as it has certain limitations. Adjustments have to be carried out while capturing the image to obtain the perfect shot and then subject it to editing for further refining the image.

The use of flash is one of the most commonly used methods by most of the real estate photographers. Enabling a secondary flash can create a balance in the exposure across the interiors. By adjusting the camera to the outdoor lighting levels coming from the windows, the resulting dim appearance can be matched by bouncing the flash off the ceiling.

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Another way to correctly photograph interiors having many windows is by using the technique of HDR tone mapping. This method involves the capture of three photos having different exposure such as dark, bright, and balanced. Imaging software is then used to take out pixels to create an image that has a balance of bright and dark areas.

Besides, there are other ways used to perfectly photograph the interiors having windows. Waiting for the outdoor light to lower and matching those of the interiors is one method. This is a preferred way to get a balanced image without the need to rely on setting up additional accessories, lighting, and editing.

Real estate photographers also block the outdoor light by simply closing the windows. This will prevent the entry of outdoor light into the interiors, thus helping them to capture an image having a well-balanced exposure.