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Photoshop Tips for Real Estate Photo Editing

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Real estate photo editing has been of great importance nowadays. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, quality photos are the real dealmaker. However, just taking high-resolution pictures alone is not enough in real estate photography; it all comes down to how the post-processing techniques are used.

It is crucial to choose the correct Photoshop services to crack the best deal. Besides, using these photo editing services will help you to show your client’s property in the best light. Below are some tips on Photoshop services used in real estate photo editing.

Straighten Out the Lines

This method is used to polish your photos and you can present an out of the world but not so dramatic type photograph to the buyers. Furthermore, you can make the number of lines to be straightened minimum if you snapped the image at a roughly 5 feet distance, and hence maintain the camera level. In most of the photo editing software, you can see this tool under the lens correction option under the manual selection tab. However, it varies according to the software you choose.

Perform Color Corrections

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Adjust the overall temperature of the image to give it a warm tone and take care not to overdo it and make the image look unreal. Furthermore, try to bump up the vibrance little bit rather than playing with the saturation levels. Vibrance is a subtle tool and it adds an extra kick to the color, which is beautiful. On the contrary, over saturating can make the image look fake. Again, play with different color combinations and shades using the sliders and settle down with the best option.

Adjust Clarity and Sharpness

Clarity is a great tool to polish your photos, but take care not to go overboard on contrast. You can adjust the clarity by moving the sliders to the right until you get the exact clarity you need. Furthermore, you can also try darkening the blacks a bit too depending on the image you have. For this, you can use the vignetting tool, which is common in all photo editing apps. Always try to give a subtle but vital touch to your images while sharpening your photos.

Clean Up

This tool is used to clear any dark spots or anomalies in the photograph. You can use the spot brush tool for this; other most commonly seen clean up options are cloning and healing. In healing, you can correct the small spots and you can give the image a soft blending. Whereas in cloning, you can remove any kind of reflection or glares or any unwanted objects in your photo. While using the cloning brush, try not to overdo it and keep the photo look real.