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Pros and Cons of Real Estate Twilight Photography

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Photography is the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of appreciating the moment, and capturing such beautiful as well as meaningful moments in one quick snapshot. Moreover, photography is one of the fastest growing services now and has got many branches with numerous applications.

Having said that, one of the most important applications of photography is in the field of real estate and photography has never been more important to selling real estate properties than it is today. This is because the first image the buyer sees while reviewing the property online is how it looks in the catalog. Therefore, you always need to take best of everything to capture the photos.

One of the best methods of real estate photography is the twilight photo. A twilight photo is usually taken at dusk, as the name suggests, probably because it is a magical time and the photo usually focuses on the exterior of the property and thereby helps to increase your business and client base. Furthermore, this method is usually used to showcase the lighting of landscapes, pools, and the features like fire pits, where the sunset adds to the beauty of the property.

You can enhance your photos after clicking the pictures through various editing software and make your property listing look more attractive through real estate photo enhancement. A buyer likes photos taken at twilight because they look cool, attractive, and different from regular exterior shots. However, posting twilight photos of a property has its negative sites as well. Below are the pros and cons of twilight photography.


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    It helps to show property lighting that a buyer does not see in the daytime when viewing the home.

  • Creates one-of-a-kind cover photo for real estate listings and helps to attract the buyer; there will be one or two twilight photos in 50-100 listings and hence they are more likely to click that picture.
  • Twilight photography helps the image to look cool and warm.
  • It helps the property to look visually appealing and expensive. The glow of light inside the home, the absence of shadows, and of course, the stunning sunset in the background adds to the elegance of the image.
  • Improves real estate website and portfolio, thereby attracting clients who are normally interested in higher-end properties.


  • If twilight shots are not executed and processed well, the image of the property can look so different from the reality that it might turn down the buyers.
  • Real estate twilight photography will take more time and effort as there is only a small window of opportunity and approximately 30 minutes to get the perfect shot.
  • There are only two opportunities per day to shoot twilight real estate photos, in which, one requires waking up early and the other requires working late.
  • During summer season, scheduling a twilight photo shoot can be very hectic, as the twilight happens rather late in the evening or rather early in the morning.
  • The end result can look so cool that it is not very realistic to what buyers see in person.