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The Art of Making Catchy Real Estate Photos

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Real Estate Photo Editing

Photographing of realty and architecture cannot be done without the use of special gear and equipment, unless you want the photos to appear shabby, which would need a lot of real estate retouching. One necessary condition is the use of facilities for panorama-inspired pictures, and you also have the photography lighting to consider. A lot depends on how much you spend on equipment, and the skills of the photographer. Below are some tips on how to include the sense of ‘WOW’ in your pictures.

  • Take pictures from the lowest level so that you get the point of view of the spacious plan. As far as the position of the sun is concerned, have your photo shoot in the early morning or late evening. It is at these times that you get the soft, appealing lighting.
  • Take photographs of the interior with the furnishings. Most prospective buyers would want to see the whole picture. The placing of the design elements also needs to appear tidy.
  • See it all from the customer’s point of view. Place the tripod in position, and choose the most compelling view. The apartment will need to look spacious and neat.
  • Make sure that the horizon isn’t titled, because that can spoil the photo. The tripod probably needs to go in at the built-in level. If leveling is not possible, it will need to be edited in the photo later.
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    Realtors often skip the part where they upload photos of good-looking interior elements from up close. You need to take some photos like these and put them in the catalog.

  • Interior panoramas usually comprise of many overlapping photos. You can do this using many software programs, like Panorama Maker 5 Pro. Additionally, there are free online tools you can use for the same purpose.
  • It is good to do a bunch of vertical photographs.
  • Use a tripod. To get better-looking images, switch off the auto-exposure mode in the camera.
  • There are some cameras which already have a panorama mode that you can use, so do that.
  • Refrain from using flash when capturing the interior. Instead, use the Aperture Priority mode. This way you can avoid any unwanted shadows and give the whole thing a more natural look. The aperture value has to be set to f8. Your exposure will be more if the diaphragm is closer.

These are some of the ways, in which you can make your images pop without the need for real estate photo editing services. However, the latter will be needed once you have made a mistake in your click and want to fix it.