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Three Real Estate Retouching Services Done On Drone Photographs

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One of the recent new inclusions on real estate websites is the usage of drone photos of properties and buildings. In fact, drone cam snaps are skyline photographs that are used on wedding albums, real estate portals, and online travel magazines. As most clients use drone photos to gain the consumer appeal, real estate image editing services have started to edit drone photos as well to offer the best outcome. Below are three standard real estate retouching services that are employed on drone photographs.

Color Cast Removal and Perspective Correction

On some occasions, there might be color cast on drone photographs even though photographers use the latitude of drone cams and control the camera settings to capture the best overhead snap. In case hue levels and saturation gets hampered due to photography constraints, editors will correct them with Photoshop filters. In addition, if horizontal or vertical distortions exist on the drone photo, then the picture’s perspective needs to undergo some amount of correction.

Sky Replacement Services

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HDR Image Blending

Since drone cams produce panoramic shots in the daytime and involve the control of latitude, the weather needs to be conducive for photography. However, if your photos turn out to be gloomy, sky replacement services by real estate image editing services will make sure everything is in order. For instance, in the day to dusk conversion technique, editors add well-lit stars and moon into the background of the real estate image. They can even add a clear blue sky if clients wanted the property to look amazing on a bright and shiny day.

Virtual Tours and HDR Image Blending

Panorama images have become common on real estate portals since the invention of drone cams. When a builders’ website is rendered with impressive panorama photos, it will be easy to impress wider online audience. If you are in such a requirement and have some drone photos in stock, you are well on your way to acquire real estate retouching services such as virtual tours and HDR image blending.

When clients send the drone photos to editors, the images get retouched on the same lines as explained above. After that, real estate image editing services will send them back for client review and feedbacks. Based on the feedbacks from client, final drone photos will be submitted on the real estate website.