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Tips to Create Haze Effect in your Real Estate Photographs

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Photo editing has become very critical nowadays, especially in the real estate field. The photos of your properties must be really appealing in order to attract potential buyers. For this, you can rely on various real estate photo editing services, which is much economical than hiring high-end professional photographers.

There are many effects in the photo editing apps to enhance the look of your real estate photographs such as sky replacement, digital de-cluttering, etc. You can even give some of these effects to your image by yourself like vintage effect, adding elements into the image, misty effects, etc. One of the easiest and helpful effects that you can add to your photo is the haze effect. This will give a cool and tempting texture to your image.

How to Add Haze Effect to your Photograph

There are varieties of color tones in order to apply haze effect. The most popular color hues are purple and violet, which are ideal for almost every photo. Once you decide the color tone you need, follow the steps below to add the effect.

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First, upload your photo to any editing app. For instance, consider Photoshop. You can create the haze effect by adding many adjustment layers on the image.

  • Select the type of adjustment layer you need from the settings. Now, change the shadow output level of the adjustment layer into 40 that will lighten your image in order to provide a classic haze look to the image.
  • Next step is to add the brightness and contrast adjustment layer. For that, go to brightness/contrast option in the properties and set the contrast at -40 and brightness at 50.
  • Similarly, add hue/saturation adjustment layer as well. For this, choose the hue that you desire and set the saturation to -10. This will give only a subtle change to your image, but is enough to provide the haze effect that you require.
  • The last one is the solid color layer adjustment layer. To add this, go to adjustments in the settings and set the color to #C45FC3 that will give a subtle and nice purple or violet tone to your image. Now, choose “soft light” option for the blend mode of the layer.
  • Finally, set the opacity to 30. You can manipulate the opacity of the image as you like; choose a lower opacity for subtle purple tone and higher opacity for a richer tone. With this final touch, your real estate photograph with haze effect is ready.