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Top 3 Benefits of Relying on Adobe Lightroom Presets for New Editors

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Presets are the predetermined editing settings that appear to the left side of develop module in Adobe Lightroom or similar photo editing software applications. They are settings or slider positions saved for the purpose of editing photographs in future post-processing workflows. There are several benefits to relying on Lightroom presets, including the following.

Improves Speed of Photography Editing

If you are a beginner to editing real estate photos, presets in Adobe Lightroom can finish minor retouching tasks quickly. This is because most of the editing steps are saved in previous post-processing workflows. Such presets are saved by knowledgeable editors and come in handy for budding professionals. For instance, an editor may save architectural presets for the software to aid in subsequent photo edits. Such presets may have partial adjustments to exposure settings, color contrast, horizontal or vertical perspective lines, etc. Instead of having to rely on individual editing steps for each of your clicks, it is best to use a preset for the task you are working on.

HDR Lightroom Presets

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Oftentimes, photographs of exterior or interior snaps may necessitate more brightness levels. In such situations, relying on presets for High Dynamic Range photographs comes in handy. If your real estate photo looks rather oversaturated with some amount of shadows or if its brightness levels look rather dull, it is best to use presets for that. Further, such kinds of Lightroom presets are ideal for adjusting contrast levels on photos or to adjust small details on interior images with correction tools for color contrast and brightness.

Simplifies Complexity of Editing Real Estate Photos

The presets in Adobe Lightroom, either inbuilt or those downloaded and imported into the software, can help editors achieve a consistent appearance on a set of stock photographs. While some of the predetermined changes may be unique for each photo, editors might have to make some changes to achieve the level of perfection.

In general, presets can help budding editors get around eighty percent of desired results on the photos; however, it still leaves photo editors with some more editing to do to get a level of perfection. While presets reduce substantial edits to a mouse-click, creating it is still some skill.