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Various Distortions to Watch out for in Real Estate Images

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Distortions To Watch Out

In case of real estate images, there is a general rule that the lines should be straight, or should look straight. Images of interiors with crooked walls and lines look amateur and you should always remove images with distortions from all your real estate listings.

A distortion is a deviation from a rectilinear projection, which is one where the straight lines in the actual scene remain straight in the image also. Real estate retouching services say that in most of the cases, the problems with rendering the straight images are caused by the use of a wide-angle lens or the camera not being parallel to the subject. No matter what, it is much important to render the real estate images as appearing straight.

Some of the general types of distortions in real estate images are explained below. A professional team with ample experience in real estate photo enhancement would be able to help you deal with these distortions easily.

Optical Distortions

Optical distortions are caused by the lens. You need to understand that all the lenses regardless of the brand, cost, or focal length exhibit optical distortions in the captured images that will need retouching and editing. The types of distortions caused by lenses include vignetting, curved lines, uneven sharpness, and chromatic aberrations.

Geometric Distortions

This is a type of distortion commonly seen in real estate images in which the shape of objects towards the frame edges will be distorted. This type of distortion is also called Anamorphic Distortion.

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Anamorphic Distortion Correction

A sphere in the center of the image will be rendered as a round disk. However, when the sphere is in the edge of the lens frame, with a large viewing angle, it will be shown as elliptically elongated. This type of distortion that causes changes to the geometric shape of objects is called geometric distortion.

Perspective Distortions

It is the scale of the different objects in the frame, which leads to perspective distortions. It can happen in two ways – the subject might appear larger than the surroundings or there can be an apparent lack of distance between the objects in the background and foreground of the image. Much of these differences are based on how an object will look like when captured by a camera with a lens of normal focal length.

These are some of the important distortions, which a real estate photographer should watch out for. If the distortions in the image are minimum, real estate photo enhancement services will be able to finish their task fast.