Why Colorcast Removal Service is Needed for Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Photos
Colorcast Removal Service

If a real estate photo has blue, red, or yellow tints, then the photograph may not be appealing enough. These tints are some common forms of colorcasts appearing on a real estate photograph, which may appear on the real estate photos in some portions, and hence require the discerning eye of an editor to remove the colorcast.

Professionals indulged in editing real estate photos have the expertise to pick out and remove the colorcast, which hampers the outlook of a photo. Editors use techniques such as tone mapping to remove the colorcast and use histograms to retain the saturation of the white objects on portions on a real estate photograph. Poor white balance on a photo may cause the color cast to appear on a real estate photograph. The colorcast may be caused due to overcast skies, light exposure, and so on in outdoor photography.

There are several histogram filters to reduce the image noise. While editing real estate photos, the image noise may also get edited in colorcast removal process for real estate. Some HDR images tend to have image noise caused by the variations in image brightness or due to color contrast while snapping the photo.

Colorcast removal and color correction make the real estate photographs look sharp. The visibility of the image will improve once the colorcast gets removed. Most use HDR photos with ideal color balance in real estate portals or on a print media.

Real Estate Retouching
Sky Replacement Service

In addition to colorcast removal, services such as sky replacement and background correction are also done in real estate retouching. Note that a pre-processing service called photo-culling helps professional editors indulged in editing real estate photos pick the photos for editing. Just like assigning star ratings, editors assign color labels while culling the photographs. The editors use short keys to assign color labels on an image such as red for edit, blue for flagging, etc.

Outsourcing your real estate photos to remove colorcast will save the real estate agent the time of extensive outdoor photography. Colorcast removal will be completed in quick turnarounds and is an important step in editing real estate photos. Some editors also adjust curves and levels for improving the color contrast of the image and do tweaks to improve the visibility of the photo.