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Why is Panorama Stitching Important for Real Estate Images

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Selling a real estate property has become a challenging task these days. Surviving is not so easy in the sea of realtors, so to grab the best deal for your properties, you need to focus on the quality of images that you share on your real estate listing portal. Of course, the images shared should be eye catching and visually appealing. This is why panorama image stitching plays an important role in real estate images.

More and more realtors are collaborating with real estate photo retouching services for editing real estate photos. Realtors now understand that exceptional images are inevitable to have business success. The skills and creativity of experienced technicians backed with advanced software programs and editing tools can ensure presentable and attractive images that can invoke interest in the potential buyers. There are many types of image editing and real estate photo retouching. However, panorama stitching is one of the most preferred types for all real estate businesses.

Relevance of Panorama Stitching in Real Estate Business

In simple terms, panorama stitching is the unifying of many pictures to create a single image that offers a better look than the single ones. Panorama stitching is much important for the real estate industry. Due to the limitations of lenses, photographers will not be able to capture the complete area in a single shot. This is where image stitching can come handy.

Panorama stitching can offer view of the real estate property from various angles. This means that the customer will be able to scan the complete property even though he or she is not physically present there. This is a great boon to the buyers. The experience offered by panorama stitching can lead to successful sales.

Editing Real Estate Photos
Removal Of Redundant Elements

Panorama stitching includes many processes and the most popular ones are:

  • Blending and fine-tuning of vertical and horizontal images
  • Levels and curves adjustments to offer stylishness
  • Depth addition to offer life like realistic feel
  • Removal of redundant elements and objects
  • Modification of colors and rendering
  • Image cropping and rotation
  • Image filtering

Recent studies have proven that prospective buyers spend more than half of the total time in investigating the image of the real estate properties and only less than quarter of the time in reading the description. This makes it quite evident how important it is to share great quality images in real estate portals.