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Why Lighting Plays a Fundamental Role in Real Estate Photography

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A photograph of a building or a home interior can appear dull and unclear without proper lighting. The use of light is of paramount importance for real estate photography since it aids in the creation of photos with a balanced tone that appeal many buyers. In addition, the interior or exterior of the building or home needs to be well lit so that the buyers can discern the actual condition of the home and other details. This is particularly the case of the interiors of a real estate property, as it needs reliance on artificial lighting.

Clearly, it is somewhat easier to capture the outdoor portions of a home since the natural light is plentiful. This allows the camera to capture the image with utmost clarity and an even exposure. Even then, some kind of alterations and additions are needed such as blocking specific light on different areas of the image or adding more light into under exposed portions. In such instance, the photographer uses artificial lighting and reflectors to fill in light to the underexposed regions for creating an even exposure.

Real Estate Image Editing Services
Real Estate Image Editing

For interior locations such as inside the lobby of a multistory building or the bedroom of a house, lighting needs a more controlled and directed approach. This involved not only lighting up the whole interior, but also blocking excess light entering inside from the windows, doors, and blinds. The use of key light, fill light and background light is coordinated in such as way so that lighting is done evenly. Any further issues related to the exposure in the image are corrected while editing real estate photos.

Lighting can actually improve the mood and tone of a setting such as interior or exterior. It can actually make an ordinarily looking interior into an appealing image that attracts prospective buyers. Lighting can simulate different moods in the image through the careful use of color, tone, and diverse exposure levels within the image. All this are aided by effective postproduction process carried out by professional real estate image editing services.

Expert photographers employ different techniques to get the best image and exposure. Capturing the image at the golden hour period helps in getting beautiful shots of the outdoors. For the interiors of a real estate property, different kinds of lighting sources are used to highlight certain portions. This is made possible by the use of external diffused flash units and other color balanced light sources.