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Why Raster to Vector Conversion is Good for Real Estate Photos

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Raster To Vector Conversion

When an image constitutes of millions of pixels of distinct shades and as colors, chances are they are raster photos containing information in a graphical form. Raster images are drawn based on information pertaining to the image such as a map of bits within a rectangular grid of pixels. While zooming in the raster image beyond a certain level such as 150 percent, the pixels on the edge of the image may look blurred. Alternatively, the quality of raster images can be drastically improved if editors increase the resolution of raster images rather than zooming them.

When editors scale the vector graphics in an image, the borders of the image stay crisp and sharp no matter the size of scale when compared to raster images. The editors use several geometric formulas and lines, shapes, and other graphical components to draw the vector. The shape of the vector image will be proportional to the formula being applied by the editors in real estate photo enhancement.

In fact, editors can employ the raster to vector conversion technique to convert the manual raster image into a vector art. Some raster files are scanned images and they can be used as photographs on a real estate website if they are converted to vector format. Many realtors, builders, and even architects tend to use the vector images to convey their ideas in a graphical form in flyers or in real estate websites. The vector images are generally used in logos, photographs, letterheads and other forms of graphical representations in print or digital media.

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Contrast And Color Changing

Professionals in real estate retouching can convert raster files of the formats IMG, JPEG, PDF, PICT, PCX, GIF, or TIFF into vector photos of the formats DGN, DWG, PDF or the formats that clients may need. Below are some reasons as to why raster to vector conversion is ideal for a real estate web portal:

  • Vector photos can be scaled easily while keeping the image resolution intact.
  • Vector photos have sharp borders and they make a print-friendly format.
  • Vector images are smaller in file size when compared to raster and thus they can be easily uploaded to the real estate website.