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Why Realtors Should Provide Best Floor Plans of Listed Properties

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Floor Plan File Format

A floor plan of the property is a must-have for realtors to sell real estate properties to prospect buyers. The floor plans give potential buyers a chance to envision how their prospect lives are going to look like. Photographs alongside the descriptions can go a long way in helping buyers understand the property, but the blueprint is a must to make the sale work.

Flatly rendered one-dimensional floor plans are helpful in that sense, but better floor plans can lure in buyers to imagine potential lives and make a quick investment as per their budget and buying preferences. From the realtors’ point of view, 2D or 3D floor plans are going to be an investment worth selling. Real estate retouching companies would convert 2D plans to 3D blueprints helping the realtors to leverage sales. Some of the service from them would comprise of the below offerings.

Converting Floor Plan File Format

Digital floor plans usually come in the form of paper drawings, photos or digital drawings made in Computer Aided Design software. However, they can be converted into any file format and at any scale as per the needs of the realtor.

Customized Floor Plans

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There is no one-size-fits-all floor plan yet, since it all depends on individual requirements. That is why real estate image blending services bide their time to fully understand the project needs and the realtors’ idea regarding how to promote the property through digital platforms or print. That is why there are personalized floor plans of properties much like interior blueprints, home floor plans, or even 2D blueprints of the property.

Multiple File Formats

Real estate retouching experts can take floor plans in virtually any file format including most of the CAD software available to digitally create the blueprint. The enhanced output can be given to the realtors in an array of formats such as PDF, JPG, or even DWG format.

In a day and age where realtors seek every competitive edge in the market, experienced professionals in CAD are always best outsourced for getting a marketing push. Aside from collaborating with realtors to ideate what they have conceived to sell, real estate image blending service professionals can deliver the converted plans in fast turnaround time.