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Why Single Exposure Images are Preferred in Real Estate Photography

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While capturing an image of the interiors or exteriors of property, real estate photographers take multiple shots to get the desired result. For this, they use a combination of different approaches such as adjusting the exposure each time, changing the angle or perspective, using different lenses or rearranging the entire staging of the property to create appealing results. However, there is another way to do this, which is by capturing a single exposure of the desired property without trying for another shot or using only minimal editing the image.

A single exposure can capture the image of the property in one shot. It requires intense preparations especially in the process of lighting, staging, and other crucial aspects of taking the image. The resultant image obtained from a well-prepared single exposure can derive natural results that require only minimal editing. A single exposed image of a property still needs some postproduction work by real estate photo editing services.

There are several benefits of shooting single exposure real estate photographs. One of them is that the images will appear more natural, which most buyers prefer. Editing can often result in an unnatural appearance to the image with elements of artificiality. Besides, buyers may not fully trust in such images of a property due to the extensive editing works done on them.

Professional real estate photo editing services prefer such single exposure images as it allows them to apply editing in the most subtle manner. This will aid them in editing images with the least disruptions to the image and retain its natural look. While taking single exposure images, most real estate photographers focus on getting the right exposure in the image.

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Most real estate photographers prefer using ambient light because it lends a natural look to the image. Moreover, it is also an easier way to capture the interiors because no extra lighting equipment is needed. By allowing sufficient natural light, the notable features of the home can be highlighted. Another way photographers used to capture the interiors of a property is by using the camera flash.

It is preferred because it is easier to set up and can illumine the interiors where sufficient ambient light is not available. The photographers point the flash upwards and bounce it off from the ceiling in order to offer a softer and diffused light in the interiors. It can also minimize shadows to some extent and help create images with sufficient brightness.

For taking the single exposure images in a more professional manner, real estate photographers make use of off-camera flash units. They require extra equipment such as support stands and power packs. Besides, they can be easily directed at specific portions of the interiors to highlight and prevent shadows.