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Why Virtual Staging is Essential in Real Estate Segment

Editing Real Estate Photos
Real Estate Virtual Staging

The process of photographing seemingly empty looking homes and adding good-looking furniture into the premise is called virtual staging. The process can be a vital step when you list the house to sell it off to somebody, especially when the home is unfurnished. As not all home sellers have the money to spend on leasing plush furniture and other belongings in homes, virtual staging is being done while editing real estate photos.

A virtually staged home will look three dimensional and much alive on the interior photos and they can demonstrate the full measure of the property. In fact, virtual staging has come of age with the advent of digital platforms. A vacant or unfilled home may be harder to sell on a realtor’s portal than one that is fully furnished. When editing real estate photos, experienced professionals can add designer couches, lamps, draperies, TVs, tables, carpets and other furniture and fixtures to the house.

Only a few buyers can fully visualize the potential of investing in a vacant home, so the empty spaces can be furnished more legibly and attractively via virtual staging. Some of the main services given by real estate retouching companies include the below ones.

Real Estate Retouching
Raster To Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion: Tracing raster files to convert the same to vector graphics is easy to do using live trace in Adobe Illustrator. The feature will make adjustments to the raster image such as adjusting contrast or blurring the uneven edges. Once traced, the live trace will draw the vector paths so that editors can create a much legible vector art to raster files on Illustrator.

Shadow Views, Hair Masking, and Conversions: Editors can add realistic shadows on the photo for better legibility. Hair masking will remove the distracting background from small objects, where conversions will convert a RAW image to JPG or other upload formats.

The process of editing real estate photos can complement the sale of the staged home and can help you do away with the hassle of moving the furniture in and out. Virtual staging includes photography of the furniture images by professional photographers and conversion of the same to 3D models. You can tell your requirements as to where to place the furniture and get virtually staged photographs in fast turnarounds from expert real estate photo editing companies.