Day to Dusk

The real estate industry has indeed progressed well in the way they attract customers in purchasing their offerings. The key strategy they implement is in diverting the interests of the customers in the products and services that are delivered. The shift to digital medium such as the web has paved the way for real estate companies in using innovative techniques in presenting their offerings to the customers. Virtual tours are one such offering by many of the real estate companies focused on the web. It offers a 360-degree view of both the interior and exterior of the property than a single point perspective of a still image.

Virtual tours involve stitching together multiple photographs taken at different angles to make up a complete 360-degree view of the image. For this purpose a specialized imaging equipment is utilized that can capture multiple exposures of a single location at radically different angles. These photographed images are then stitched together in post-production for obtaining a virtual 360-degree image that the user can navigate in any direction. Virtual tours have become the latest trends in real estate imaging. It offers the customers with a complete view of both the interior and the exterior of the property through a single image.

Virtual tours have several key benefits in real estate than using conventional imaging techniques. It offers an in-depth look and feel of the property to the customers, which is more satisfying than a single photograph. Moreover, it offers a conclusive look into the state and detail of the property thereby increasingly prompting them to purchase the property that best suits their interests. The navigational facility in virtual tours also enables the customers to have a clear understanding of the property that aids them in making a quick decision regarding the purchase.

Most image editing services offer virtual tours in real estate image editing. They employ some important process in creating 360-degree virtual tour images such as image cropping, photo alignment, image stitching, image mapping, company branding, and image optimization. At Photo Editing India, we offer our clients with some of the best real estate image editing and processing solutions. We have a team of experts specialized in creating 360-degree virtual tours for real estate.

We wholeheartedly undertake any request from a client in capturing a virtual tour of their properties for use in the web. Our state of the art facility combined with the most modern software and hardware will guarantee that the clients are delivered with their required virtual tour images well within the stipulated time.