Image Stitching

The Image Stitching technique is widely employed to join images of a property taken in different frames. It is widely used in real estate images to create images that show the true glory of the listening property. Multiple images covering a different region of an interior space or an object are stitched together to create a whole image. Unveiling eye-catchy final copies of images are a result of high-resolution photographs joined using image stitching techniques. This method of image editing gives a detailed look into the property and its interior spaces.

Benefits of Image Stitching

  1. Create high-resolution images
  2. Create large images
  3. Generate panoramic views using multiple images
  4. Reduced investment in high-res and advanced camera lenses

Real Estate Photo Services specializes in creating high-resolution and panoramic images using image stitching techniques. The panoramic view feature can also be worked into a 360O view to the viewer giving the feel of standing inside the property. Although this process is similar to a virtual tour, in reality, image stitching is how the virtual tours are created. With virtual tours becoming prominent in real estate, image stitching technique plays a key role in creating high-quality images.

Through comparison, Image stitching provides clarity to the tone and exposure of interior space and options to modify. Image Stitching and Virtual Tours are finding immense applications in the real estate business to give a closer feel to the customers. High-impact property images can be created using this technique whose importance extends beyond the sales target. Creating panoramic views is almost impossible without employing certain software to use especially on property images.

Innovation drives competition in every business and real estate is no distant. One such innovation is the photographic offerings that give a potential homebuyer a peek into the property. Creating impressive images is not everyone’s cup of tea and Real Estate Photo Services is your ideal partner to take your competition up a notch. Contact us today to take a step towards building a long-term relationship in real estate photo editing.